Hover Carnage







Hosted by Sourceforge

The game currently has the following features coded and mostly working:

  • A kick-ass physics engine, with real Newtonian mechanics (in case your hovercraft breaks down and you need someone to repair it). For example, getting nicked by a rocket might very well send your craft into a spin. And driving your hovercraft up the tunnel wall is not only possible, but damned necessary for survival.

  • Portal-based visibility culling, which not only makes the game speedier than a greased weasel on an inclined plane, but also allows cool effects like, well, portals from one region to another.

  • Automatic tunnel generation. Given nothing more than a bunch of line segments representing the tunnel paths, the game engine can generate the appropriate 3D models for tunnel walls, branches, and intersections. We do the tough stuff so you don't have to.

  • 22-bit mipmap tapestry aliasing. Okay, so we made that one up.
Here are some ideas that are not yet completed, but are on the drawing board and slated for eventual inclusion into the game:
  • XML-based menus, allowing the ultimate laziness in menu creation.

  • 3D particle system for generating sparks when you grind up a little to close to the wall of a tunnel, and smoke trails for various projectiles.

  • Static and dynamic lightmaps, using the multitexturing capabilities of your 3D hardware to really bring the tunnel to life, so to speak.

  • Client/server network architecture with server-side cheating prevention designed right into the game from the beginning.

  • Advanced weapons customization. You can not only equip yourself with a large selection of custom weapons and peripherals, but you can even design and build your own.